Hi Artists!
I’m home sick today. Happy Friday
Hs Block d intro art
day 5 final work drawing day. Brief on the resource cabinet (in clear folders hanging)
Please take a photo of your work at the end of class and email me so i can try to send feedback.
Quiet productive class. By the end of the lesson we should be 80-90% finished. It is due on monday end of lesson.

Ms artmud blocks f&g
Both clay day

F rolling slabs for tree
Tip flat slab printing or carving
Rolled clay to tree trunk form
2 more clay days

G Pacman world
Continue working
2 more clay days

Both ARTmuds please remember
Slab roller rules
Score slip squish smooth smile

Clean up 14 minutes before class ends.  Please make sure the tools and table are wiped clean.

Happy weekend 😉