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Grade 6 Art

Carmel Lim Torres


Course Description

The course is a continuation of “Foundation Coursework” for middle school students to gain further experience with various art media and technique. The units emphasize building basic skills and appropriate application of the elements of art and the principles of design. The course is designed to encourage the development of creative thinking, respect for quality and originality, self-confidence, visual and tactile perception, and the ability to work independently. The program concentrates on practical studio production but also includes discussion of aesthetics, art criticism, and art history. The units build on student’s prior knowledge and will prepare them for a variety of class choices in art for the following school year and beyond.



👍 Painting     👍Sculpture     👍 Graphic Design     👍 Mixed Media   



Marks will usually be allocated with a weighting of 0.6 for final work and 0.4 for exploration. Learning Habits will be assessed separately using self assessment sheet and reflection. Each assignment will be assessed on specific criteria based on the Art Standards Rubric and reported under the school wide assessment categories of: knowledge and understanding, transfer and communication. Through self and peer assessment, you will be encouraged to recognize your own strengths and weaknesses and work to improve your skills.


Sketchbooks: Each student must keep a sketchbook. The Sketchbook has two main components: skill development exercises and research, which relate to the final work that we are working on in class. For example, if we are working on a drawing with colored pencil you might be asked to do some colored pencil blending exercises; if we are working on a self-portrait you might be asked to research an artist that is known for self-portraits such as Vincent Van Gogh; or if we are working on a project based on animals you might be asked to find pictures of animals to base your drawings on.


Final Work: You will spend the majority of class time working on your projects. These artworks will make up the majority of your grade, and it will the product of your research that you document in your sketchbook.


You may bring any basic supplies, as you would have in your pencil case.  The classroom instructor will provide any other materials needed to properly complete units.


Student Expectations

You are expected to: complete work on time, complete research in your sketchbook, demonstrate a positive attitude, show respect for each other and properly use of art materials.  Homework is very limited. You are required to complete all assignments during class time or finish off during tutorials or at home.

Assessment Plan

Assessment Tasks Knowledge &


Transfer of Learning Communication Organization Engagement Collaboration
Graphic Design
Mixed Media