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IB2 Art Show

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Happy New Year!

  Art Elements and Principles of Design Read full article »

B ARTisan- Life Saver Card Design

Class Designs Life Saver Designs Read full article »

Artist of the Week- Anthony Howe

I chanced upon these wonderful kinetic sculpture on this was his awe-some page Hypnotic Wind-powered Kinetic Sculptures by Anthony Howe I love how the physical movement with the metalic shapes create a hypnotic moment of calm. Who are your favorite artists? While surfing (which I know you do A LOT), have you chanced upon awe-inspiring artists and/or art work? Share them Read full article »

Art Show Grade 5 to 10!

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Happy Weekend Artists!

  Humanizing Motion Graphics What Infinity Looks Like | Meet Chul Hyun Ahn Walk Through Rain Without Getting Wet | Rain Room at MoMA Read full article »

MS Art Show 2013

Design by Sophia Q. grade eight Read full article »

COLOR for Everybody!

Hi Artists! This is best timed for the Intro Artists project now- Surrealist Magazine Extension Painting BUT  these videos are great sources about COLOR or COLOUR! I kinda wish I could make a video like this one, I  love how it is simple and clear and exciting Read full article »

Art Tutor?

Side note Need an Art Tutor? Check out out Steph Palallos site Interested?  Write her directly, or I can give you her contact details :) Read full article »

Ann Hamilton- my favorite artist this week

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