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IB2 Art Show

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Friday while I’m away

Hi, Hi Artists! I'm home sick today. Happy Friday Hs Block d intro art day 5 final work drawing day. Brief on the resource cabinet (in clear folders hanging) Please take a photo of your work at the end of class and email me so i can try to send feedback. Quiet productive class. By the end of the lesson we should be 80-90% finished. It Read full article »

Design a Card of Hope

Dear Artists, GKonomics is currently calling to artists and art students who would like to submit their work in their latest project: HEART IN A BOX. More details in the blog here: They're asking for student art in the form of a smile. :) Gawad Kalinga is one of the country's leading NGO's when it comes to providing low-cost housing for Filipinos. Read full article »

Artist of the Week- Anthony Howe

I chanced upon these wonderful kinetic sculpture on this was his awe-some page Hypnotic Wind-powered Kinetic Sculptures by Anthony Howe I love how the physical movement with the metalic shapes create a hypnotic moment of calm. Who are your favorite artists? While surfing (which I know you do A LOT), have you chanced upon awe-inspiring artists and/or art work? Share them Read full article »

Cover Designs ARTmud and Sculpt August

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Where does Inspiration come from?

Here are some of my sources: Loving  Thank you to Andrew and 2Alex for introducing me to Doctor Who-  AWESOME!!!  Here's the trailer for the episode with Vincent Van Gogh  The Outdoors, Adventures, Hobbies... Where do you get YOUR Inspiration? Read full article »

Art Show Grade 5 to 10!

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Welcome from Spring Break Artists!

Artmud Artists!   Let's finish our Bodies in Motion :) Intro Artists Pop Art Due Dates: Watercolor: SB Due Monday April 21 Extended to Thursday April 24 FW 1 Last Class Monday April 28 Deadline May 5 Sculpture: SB 2 Due end of Tuesday Apil 29 FW 2 Last class Monday May 19 Deadline May 26   Explore Artists Theme SB Due Mon. April 21 FW 1 Last day May 2 Deadline May 9 FW 2 Read full article »

Friday March 28

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Recycled Art Competition

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