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IB2 Art Show

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Happy New Year!

  Art Elements and Principles of Design Read full article »

Looking and Thinking about Composition

You can use these tips in your drawings, paintings, posters, pretty much anything! Remember, to break the rules, you gotta know them first! Read full article »

Intro Art – Logo Design HomeWatch

HomeWatch for Wednesday   Here's my YouTube playlist logo loco Pinterest board   Read full article »

INTRO Art Surrealism Magazine Extension Painting

Project Folder  Unit 3 - Surrealism Mag Extension Painting Project Timeline Nov. 10 Intro project C&D Homework Monday What is Surrealism? (02:46) Salvador Dalí (01:36) Guide Questions: What years was Surrealism officially active? Who were the major influences? What movement inspired and was the precursor to Surrealism? List 5 famous Surrealist artistic When was Dali alive? Tuesday What is Surrealism?- (03:57) Meret Oppenheim. Object. 1936 - (01:52) Introduction to Surrealism (5:33) Guide Questions: What Read full article »

Intro Art- Reed Sculpture Dates

Final Work Due Date Nov. 5 @ the end of the lesson + Self Assessment Sheet (Rubric & LH) Sketchbook was due Oct. 8.  Some of you still have not handed it in with complete Self Assessments :( Here's my example, today I am at 67%.  Next week I will demo painting techniques. Oct. 17 Read full article »

Intro Art- Bag Drawing DONE :)

Hi Artists, Remember that you must also complete Self Assessments- Final Work and Learning Habits and put both docs in your class folder. The title format should be: Bag Drawing FW  and Bag Drawing LH Art Rubric Art Rubric The title format should be: Bag Drawing FW   Sample:   Learning Habits Learning Habits Assessment Sheet The title format should be: Bag Drawing LH Sample: Read full article »

Friday while I’m away

Hi, Hi Artists! I'm home sick today. Happy Friday Hs Block d intro art day 5 final work drawing day. Brief on the resource cabinet (in clear folders hanging) Please take a photo of your work at the end of class and email me so i can try to send feedback. Quiet productive class. By the end of the lesson we should be 80-90% finished. It Read full article »

Design a Card of Hope

Dear Artists, GKonomics is currently calling to artists and art students who would like to submit their work in their latest project: HEART IN A BOX. More details in the blog here: They're asking for student art in the form of a smile. :) Gawad Kalinga is one of the country's leading NGO's when it comes to providing low-cost housing for Filipinos. Read full article »

Artist of the Week- Anthony Howe

I chanced upon these wonderful kinetic sculpture on this was his awe-some page Hypnotic Wind-powered Kinetic Sculptures by Anthony Howe I love how the physical movement with the metalic shapes create a hypnotic moment of calm. Who are your favorite artists? While surfing (which I know you do A LOT), have you chanced upon awe-inspiring artists and/or art work? Share them Read full article »

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