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Carmel Lim Torres

Course Description
This course will be an exploration in to the creative digital world. Students will be able to use the elements of art and principles of design each project. Many applications, tools, techniques, and programs will be introduced. Students will be encouraged to challenge themselves to utilize technology to promote their visual expression. Personal connection and innovation will be essential on a daily basis. (FORM, THEME, CONTEXT will be discussed daily)      
👍 Drawing/painting design  👍 Photography  👍 Film 👍 Website Layout 👍 Moonshot Project


Marks will usually be allocated with a weighting of 0.6 for final work and 0.4 for ideas development. Ideas development includes sketchbook and research. Learning Habits will be assessed separately using a self-assessment sheet. Each assignment will be assessed on specific criteria based on the Art Standards Rubric and reported under the school wide assessment categories of: knowledge and understanding, transfer and communication. Through self and peer assessment, you will be encouraged to recognize your own strengths and weaknesses and work to improve your skills.


Student Expectations

You are expected to: complete and submit work on time, complete sketchbook or research work, demonstrate a cooperative and willing attitude, show respect for each other and proper use of art work and tools. You are required to complete all assignments during class time or finish off during tutorials or at home.


Assessment Tasks Knowledge &


Transfer of Learning Communication Organization Engagement Collaboration