Pencil Drawings

Have you ever made your very own pencil drawings?

Share them with us, email a photo to Maybe it’ll be featured in the next blog post 🙂

Here are some artists drawings

Lotte Maja Bjerre

  Lotte Maja Bjerre

Pencil on paper  — 70 x 100 cm



Nathan Walsh



Patrick Vale

NVY  Patrick Vale on

Do you doodle?

Hi Artists!

What is it?

Screen Shot 2015-08-07 at 1.49.58 PM



Your Practice:

25 day drawing challenge


Looking and Thinking about Composition


You can use these tips in your drawings, paintings, posters, pretty much anything!

Remember, to break the rules, you gotta know them first!

<3 Drawing

Hi Artists!

Some of you may have watched or will watch IASAS Tennis or Rugby or Swimming this week.

This is the best time to practice our gestural figure drawings!

Remember:  It is challenging!  We all get better with practice and perseverance 🙂



– Mini drawing books with the 25 Day CHallenge are available in my room, only if you want to 😉

Intro Art – Logo Design HomeWatch

HomeWatch for Wednesday



Here’s my YouTube playlist

logo loco Pinterest board


Acrylic Painting vids



I know this is a drawing, BUT look at the values 😉



Wait for the best part 😉


This artist also has great cloud and sky vids- check them out 🙂  Synniva


For Emilija


Art Ninja

Creativity in Apron Wearing!

Apron Power

Apron Power




INTRO Art Surrealism Magazine Extension Painting

Project Folder  Unit 3 – Surrealism Mag Extension Painting

Project Timeline

Nov. 10 Intro project C&D



What is Surrealism? (02:46)

Salvador Dalí (01:36)

Guide Questions:

  1. What years was Surrealism officially active?
  2. Who were the major influences?
  3. What movement inspired and was the precursor to Surrealism?
  4. List 5 famous Surrealist artistic
  5. When was Dali alive?


What is Surrealism?- (03:57)

Meret Oppenheim. Object. 1936 – (01:52)

Introduction to Surrealism (5:33)

Guide Questions:

  1. What is Dadaism?
  2. Who were the 2 artists that transitioned to Surrealism>
  3. What did the Surrealists question?
  4. What Surrealist method did Oppenheim use in the “Object”?
  5. In the third video, what is the title and who made the second painting?
  6. Who is the pioneer of Surrealism?
  7. Why is it not a pipe?
  8. Is Magritte French?

Nov. 12 – 14/15 SB  1. Demonstration and Practise Colour Mixing (2 lessons)

Nov. 17- 20/21 SB 2. Ideas Development (3 lessons)

Nov. 24- Dec. 4/5 FW 3. Final Painting (6 lessons)

Surrealism Resources

Salvador Dalí: A Master of the Modern Era. (58:05)

Magritte: The Mystery of the Ordinary, 1926–1938

ARTsculpt Casting Class

Casting ClassCasting Class

Intro Art- Reed Sculpture Dates

Final Work Due Date Nov. 5
@ the end of the lesson
+ Self Assessment Sheet (Rubric & LH)

Sketchbook was due Oct. 8.  Some of you still have not handed it in with complete Self Assessments 🙁

Here’s my example, today I am at 67%.  Next week I will demo painting techniques.

Oct. 17

Oct. 17

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